Who We Are

The Robotic Exploration of Space Team (REST) was founded in 2012 under the umbrella of the Student Space Systems Fabrication Lab (S3FL). Made up of students from the University of Michigan, REST is a multidisciplinary organization focusing on the development of a fully autonomous mining rover. Our mission is to design, build, and test a robot capable of autonomously navigating a Martian environment, and collecting samples in a simulated extraterrestrial environment.

We are a hard-working, competition oriented team that participates in the NASA Robotic Mining Competition. Teams from all over the country arrive at Kennedy Space Center to present their design for an autonomous rover in NASA’s simulated Martian environment.

REST competed for the first time in 2016, where we placed as the highest ranking rookie and sophomore team in the nation. In 2017, we expect to significantly improve upon that finish with improved autonomy and mechanical design.


Current Sponsors

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The Team

REST is composed of some of the brightest students at the University of Michigan. Our team members span over a wide range of engineering fields including Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, and Aerospace Engineering.

The team spans a multitude of ages, and serves as a great place for students to expand their knowledge in various subjects. The Robotic Exploration of Space team focuses on a variety of advanced engineering topics such as embedded control systems, computer vision, autonomy, machine learning, mobile robotics, power electronics, dynamic systems analysis, localization, telemetry, etc. We strive to be a destination where newcomers can learn a great deal about these complex topics, and senior members can continue to expand upon their working knowledge.


What We're Looking For

Monetary Sponsorship

To accomplish the goals that we have set for ourselves, the necessary parts, equipment, and manufacturing are quite expensive. For this reason, REST is actively seeking monetary sponsorship so that we can implement the most effective rover design possible.


REST will also gladly accept donations of products, special discounts for equipment, manufacturing services, and even food and beverages for our outreach events. Donations like these often help us improve our rover design as we are introduced to new technologies we typically would not have access to.


Our goal is an efficient and advanced autonomous system. As a result, REST often finds that industry experts are invaluable as we venture into new techniques for autonomous software and mechanical design.

The Benefits of Sponsorship

  • The opportunity to network with the best students the University of Michigan has to offer. Our team members are hard-working, intelligent and willing to learn.
  • They would be a welcome addition to any company.
  • Exposure to the University of Michigan community at large.
  • Exposure to the public, and promotional opportunities during the competition, outreach events, and design reviews.
  • Opportunities for corporate information sessions for the University of Michigan community.

Levels of Sponsorship

$5000+ - Platinum Sponsorship – Includes Gold sponsorship benefits and most prominent logo placement on rover.

$2500+ – Gold Sponsorship – Includes Silver sponsorship benefits and midsized logo placement on rover.

$1000+ – Silver Sponsorship – Includes Bronze sponsorship benefits and logo placement on rover.

$500+ - Bronze Sponsorship – Name/logo on team apparel, access to resume book, logo on presentation materials.

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